DIY: Glitter Fall Candlesticks


After living in LA for four years I sort of forgot what fall was like. The leaves changing, the smell of the crisp air, and when Halloween decorations start appearing in store windows it doesn’t seem quite as strange because I’m not wearing a sundress and flip-flops.

And now that I have my own apartment I am so excited to decorate it for the holidays. This weekend was the perfect crisp and cool weekend to open the windows, don my favorite sweater and play with glitter.


These candle holders were inspired by this glitter vase and I thought they’d make a great autumn themed centerpiece.

The candle holders and candle sticks are from the Dollar Store and the glitter was on sale at AC Moore – so not only was it easy, but cheap!


I covered the candleholder with spray adhesive. Looking back, covering them with good old fashion glue might have made the glitter hold better, but I had spray adhesive on hand. I poured the glitter in a shoe box lid to keep it all contained and then I went at it. Pouring the glittery awesomeness on every part of the candle holder. Image

While the candleholders dry, I moved onto the candles themselves. I decided to paint them just orange instead of orange and black because they can easily stay through till Thanksgiving.

I used orange acrylic paint and the opposite end of a paint brush to make the dots. Repeat for both candles.


I combined the candlesticks with a vase filled with mini pumpkins and pinecones and tada! A festive fall table!Image

ImageWhat are you creating this weekend? Any fun Halloween projects? Enjoy!


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