monday motivation.

This weekend, as usual, I spent many more hours than necessary on Pinterest. And I realized I was pinning tons of motivational prints and as I am trying to do more with Pinterst than just have my pins sit on my imaginary boards I thought I would create a new segment here on the blog.

This first bit of motivation seemed very fitting after last week. Last week I went down to Louisiana and covered Hurricane Isaac – all by myself. I jumped at the chance when my boss said our sister station in Lafayette, LA needed additional reporters to help with the coverage. But once down there, there were moments when I was paralyzed by the fact that doing all this on my own seemed impossible. And than I did it. And it was no longer impossible.


It was truly an incredible experience and I learned a ton. But most importantly I learned that no matter what obstacles seem to be in the way (sideways rain, lack of sleep, problems with gear, navigating an unknown state), as long as you don’t give up, you can succeed. Hey, the end result may not be perfect (heck, half of my video looked like I was in a snow globe because the camera was so fogged up) but it’s better than nothing. So here’s to conquering the impossible!

{To see my stories and photos from my coverage – you can check them out on my facebook page.}


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