meet ellie.

This is Ellie! I adopted her from Young Williams Animal Shelter last week and it’s crazy how much I already love her.

  {meeting for the first time – it was love at first sight}

She’s an 8-year-old poodle mix. She was seized from her owners but the shelter didn’t tell me why. From what I can tell she doesn’t seem scared or skiddish so hopefully it wasn’t something sad…

I really wanted an older dog 1) because I didn’t want to have to potty train her 2) getting a puppy implies at least a 12 year commitment and I honestly don’t know where my life will be in 5 years let alone 12 3) people rarely adopt older dogs and so I wanted to give this little girl a home.

{Farmer’s Market outing}

We went to the Farmer’s Market this week and she loved playing with all the other dogs and everybody wanted to pet her (duh – how could you resist that face!). It’s only been a week and already I feel so much happier with her in my life. It’s so much nicer to have someone (even if it’s a dog) to come home to and to cuddle with. Be prepared for many more posts of my new baby!

{now I have someone to watch True Blood with}



One thought on “meet ellie.

  1. This is so sweet..I am so happy you love her so much and look forward to coming home to her. And she looks so much like Oliver how could you not fall in love.

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