Warm Nights

Memorial Day weekend is always the true kicking off point for summer. Pools open, schools out (I guess forever now…still haven’t evaluated my feelings on this…) the evenings are warm and humid and it’s not too unbearable to sit outside and eat dinner.

It’s supposed to reach mid 90s this weekend here in Knoxville and even tonight it was too hot in my kitchen for much cooking. I was starving and wanted something quick so I grilled up some little shrimpies with lime juice and cilantro from my herb garden and tossed a together some corn, more cilantro, lime and a banana pepper from my “garden.”

Fresh, easy and yum!

I sat out on my patio with my new Southern Living that arrived today (it’s so exciting when I open my mail box to find something other than junk mail or bills).

I feel like a total weirdo for admitting this but it makes my day to see how much my herbs and vegetables are growing. I get so excited everyday to check out how the little guys are doing (well maybe every other…sometimes I neglect my little babies). Today there is a worm/caterpillar thing living in one my banana peppers! I was so sad – what’s he doing in there?

I’ve got my citronella candle burning bright to keep the bugs away but I guess that doesn’t work on caterpillars…

With summer almost here I’m prepping my summer to-do list! Do you have any big goals or plans this summer?



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