Billions of Biscuits

Well no, not billions. But I liked the alliteration.

Saturday was the International Biscuit Festival in Downtown Knoxville. Let me tell you it was pretty much heaven. Dozens of stalls hawking their best biscuits. For just 5 bucks you got to sample 5 biscuits. At first I was thinking, hmmm I’m going to need to get another ticket – 5 biscuits, pshh, that’s nothing. Boy was I wrong.

Biscuit Fest was a popular place to be and some of the lines were crazy long. I decided it’d be best to stroll along and check out what everyone as offering before I committed. There were so many to choose from! From your traditional biscuit with preserves to chocolate biscuits.

I started off with a traditional biscuit with homemade preserves from Nashville’s Loveless Cafe. To me preserves are just a fancy way of saying jelly and when it comes to jelly I can take it or leave it. So I dotted half of my biscuit with strawberry preserves and began walking away. Well. The second that strawberry hit my tongue I did a big 180 and piled a large spoonful (or two) on both sides. It was simple and sweet and fresh and mouthwatering. Mmmm.

Next up was Tupelo Honey. The line was loooong but the Asheville based restaurant is supposed to be fantastic and it’s opening up in Market Square this year so I wanted to try. The biscuit itself was probably the best of the day – it was the perfect combination of soft but crunchy on the outside. The inside was filled with pimento cheese and ham. Now I do not understand what the connection between the South and pimento cheese is, but it kind of weirds me out. But it worked and the whole thing was pretty darn good.

As we moved down the street I came across these garlic-y beauties.

Asiago biscuit with garlic butter, basil and tomato from Dazzo’s. Wooooow. Light, buttery, garlic-y perfection.

Now as I was on my last two biscuits I hit a small problem: keep going with the savory or use the last two on the sweet options. There was a cinnamon crunch, a chocolate espresso, a chocolate filled biscuit – but there was also a biscuit florentine with spinach, gravy, egg and ham that was calling my name. So I listened to it.

The biscuit florentine from Applewood Farmhouse was good but by that point I was getting seriously full.

And finally I knew the sweet biscuit I would round out my morning with: Bella Luna’s chocolate espresso biscuit with orange marmalade.

So. Freaking. Good. More doughnut than biscuit but who cares!

By this point I could barely breathe I was so full, so I walked around, listened to some music and took in the crowds (including a very festive woman!).  As for the best of the bunch? It may have been the least traditional but I can’t stop thinking about that asiago biscuit, it got my vote. But I did buy some of those strawberry preserves and plan cooking up some traditional biscuits to top them with…can’t wait.


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