Hello Again!

Well hi there.

Miss me?

I missed you.

The past couple months have been a whirlwind.  I graduated from USC. I drove cross-country. I got a dream job. I moved to Knoxville.

And in between all those crazy milestones I had a lot of fun.


Now here I am in my new apartment, in a new city, with a new job. I’d say it’s a pretty good time to start blogging again. Every day I learn something new – how to use a drill, how to choose a color scheme for the bathroom (waaaay harder than one would think), how to chop celery with a butter knife, and of course how to navigate a new newsroom.

December, January and February were a blur of cover letters, follow-up emails and lots and lots of phone calls. But all that hard work (and that great Annenberg education) paid off. I landed a reporting job at WATE 6 News. I couldn’t have been more excited when I got the offer. I actually think I really freaked out the contractor that was doing work in the basement as I ran screaming through the house. But oh well.

That phone call was just a little over three weeks ago. It’s incredible to think that I tweeted this on February 1.

The move was hectic. Mom and I packed it all up and drove the 7 1/2 hours to my new apartment. It’s huge. I still can’t get over the difference of what my money will buy here verses LA. A big kitchen (lots of recipes to try), a room for my scrapbooking and crafts (I’ve already got some fun things to share) and closet space that can house my crazy amount of shoes.

So here I am. On a brand new adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you. Get excited, because I’m back!


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