I’ve been back in Los Angeles for a month and I have to say I am very proud of myself. I have been venturing out to different bars and restaurants! I believe it is all inspired by my very successful to-do list from this summer. I made it a goal to explore St. Louis and I was able to hit up 90% of the places on my list. My list for LA is much longer, and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll finish it before I leave in December, but hey a girl can try!
Last week, I headed downtown to Perch. The original plan was to go there because some one told me they had a special whiskey bar and as my boyfriend is a HUGE whiskey fan (myself, not so much), I thought it would be great for his birthday.

Unfortunately (but not actually at all) that someone gave me bad advice. But it was wrapped in good advice because the place was amazing. Perch is a rooftop bar near Pershing Square. The menu and decor are French inspired and just adorable.

I knew I loved it when we walked in and 1) there was no cover (granted it was Thursday) and 2) it was in an art deco style apartment building and we had to take an elevator to the top. The only indication where the restaurant/bar is located is a cute little gold bird next to the button for floor 13.

The floor, the huge double french doors and the decor of the bar transport you to the 1920s. I loved it. We got a great seat out on the rooftop patio.

The bartenders were great about making me a drink based on my few requests – vodka, something sweet, and just a little bit fruity.
First up – the Moscow mule. The boyfriend stuck with straight whiskey but he enjoyed it as much as I did my cocktails.
Second was something with mint and cucumber. Perfect combination of mint and vodka and not too much cucumber. Sometimes I think cucumber in my drink tastes too much like Bath & Bodywork’s Cucumber Melon Body Spray (you know what I’m talking about…)

{for the occasion – I wore a skirt I got at a vintage store in Paris}

We took the stairs up to the second rooftop bar. Just as gorgeous up there. The view is incredible. And the whole rooftop is surrounded by glass so nothing obstructs the view. A cute little cabana bar serves up similar cocktails with a couple of changes to the menu. I got a glass of rose to transport me back to my summer trip to Paris.

There are fire pits and best of all, trees with big glass twinkle lights.

Perfect bar, perfect night with the perfect guy. Cheers! And look for my full to-do list for LA coming soon….


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