Fudgey Gluten-Free Brownies

Gluten-Free is the way to be.

Ha, that’s a joke right? Well in my book it is because I simply cannot imagine a world where I can’t consume pasta, bread, cookies and the thousands of other things that contain gluten that also happen to make me very happy. But sadly some people cannot eat gluten (yes, it really is very sad for them). And my friend Elyse (and fellow Executive Producer at ATVN) is one of those people, and even worse, it was only this summer that she discovered this fact.

Years ago I baked a friend who was allergic to gluten some brownies that tasted like cardboard. But because he had been diagnosed as a kid with his allergy he thought they were delicious because he had never eaten anything else. I knew the situation would not be the same for Elyse. So when it came time to bring some baked goods into the newsroom I leaped onto the gluten-free bandwagon (haven’t you heard it’s ALL the rage?) and whipped up some brownies. 

Let me tell you. They were pretty darn good! I ended up using a mix (Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix) but am also going to try this recipe at some point. 

Moist, fudgey and a little cakey. They were just what a brownie should be (although they did lack that crisp top that I enjoy so much, but hey, they were a far improvement from chocolate cardboard.)

Fudgey Gluten-Free Brownies

Preheat your own to 350 and spray a 13×9 inch pan with non-stick cooking spray. In a large bowl, pour in the mix.
Melt your butter and gather up the other ingredients.  
Add the butter, egg, warm water and vanilla to the bowl. 
You could also add in nuts or chocolate chips to the mix at the moment (I almost put in some nuts to keep me from eating the brownies but decided that for the sake of this blog I should be able to tell you what they taste like. So it’s all for you blog friends.)
Spread batter in pan and bake for 20-25 minutes. I always check on my brownies at five-minute intervals, poking them with a toothpick (or in this case a fork because we don’t seem to have toothpicks in our new apartment – add that to the list of toaster and electric mixer) to ensure they don’t overcook.
Let the brownies cool and slice ’em up to serve to your newsroom full of hungry journalist who never even guessed these chocolate morsels lacked gluten!
You won’t see me swearing off pasta or cookies anytime soon but it’s good to know that I could get by with this (slightly) healthier version of one of my favorite desserts. Enjoy!

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