A Decade Later

It’s been 10 years but I still remember exactly where I was and what I was feeling on that fateful September day.

I was in Ms. Allen’s 7th grade social studies class and because we never actually did work, we were watching TV. We were watching the news as the second plane hit and we all thought it was must be some type of joke. A boy in the class even made a joke about the situation. But once we realized what we were watching, silence fell over the room.

The principal came in moments later and told us to turn the TV off, saying that the images weren’t appropriate for us to see. After she left, Ms. Allen turned it back on and told us that it was a moment in history that we would remember the rest of our lives.

She might not have been a great teacher, but she was right about that.

Today marked the 10th anniversary of that day and I had the privilege of covering it for ATVN. I got the opportunity to speak with a woman who survived the attacks as well as hear from Los Angeles firefighters, police officers and city officials who shared what they remember and what they learned from that day.

Here’s the story (video and print article) I did for ATVN’s website. 

Here a just a few photos I took at the event. Wish I had taken more but it was a busy day putting together the story.

{a piece of steel from the World Trade Center stands as a monument}
{city officials gathered at the LAFD Training Center to remember 9/11}
{the bell was run 10 times to honor the lives lost on 9/11}

To all those who lost someone on 9/11, my thoughts are with you.


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