Back to School

There’s nothing like the first day of school. The smell of new pencils, the crisp autumn air, the nervous feeling in your stomach that wakes you hours before the alarm clock is supposed to go out.

Monday was my last “first” day of school ever.

It’s bittersweet and as I am now a senior in college, in California no less, there were no new pencils, the air was much more summer than autumn and my first class wasn’t until 6 p.m. But despite 17 first days of school, I still had those first day butterflies that woke me well before my alarm. After this many years of school you’d think I’d be sick of it all but I really love the excitement a new class brings, the smell of new textbooks and the joy of buying all new notepads and notebooks for the many to-do lists (which are already mounting). In honor of the first day of school I’ve compiled a list of fun school supplies that I would love to fill my backpack with. 

1. adorable DIY map magnets found here
2.  glitter pencils
3. LOVE bookends from Pottery Barn
4. hot pink laptop case from Marc Jacobs
5. fruit shaped notepads
6.  Hubman from Pottery Barn

Fun note about DIY magnets. When my sisters and I were younger, we used to have a pre-back-to-school day every year. On the last day of summer we’d set up a spa day filled with manicures and facial masks made of avocados from recipes pulled from Seventeen Magazine. We’d pick out outfits for the first week and sneak in some last-minute tanning by the pool. But the most fun? Making magnets to fill our new lockers. We’d buy sheets of magnet paper and pull out all the magazines and cut away. We created our own, more exciting, magnetic poetry with words like “boy crazy” and “girl power” and utilized our large sticker collection to ensure our lockers would be plentiful with colorful, sparkly magnets.

While I have no desire to repeat the days of middle school, I would love to hop back in time and have a leisurely spa day with my sisters filled with arts and crafts before the loads of homework sets in for the school year. Perhaps now that we’re older it could include some of these alongside our avocado facials…


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