Birthday Bites

Everyone knows that on your birthday, every thing you eat is magically calorie free. So as yesterday was that special day, I took full advantage and stuffed myself silly with lots of yummy treats. Starting the day off with these…

Yes, those are cake pops and yes, they were DELICIOUS. My mom surprised me with a big box filled with them. There were cookies and cream, cookie dough, birthday cake and red velvet. They are from this company called Pauli Pops and the guy who runs it is a friend of my moms – he is crazy talented. He can even make little bity wedding cakes – ON A STICK. I mean, come on, everything is cuter on a stick.

And yummier. These cake pops were almost more like cake BATTER pops.

Not fully cooked, doughy goodness. Plus they were pink! My favorite color. I thought it was a great way to start the birthday.

Then along came these bad boys. Puffy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I told my sister that I wanted these cookies as a present when I saw them here the other day. And being the best sister that she is, she whipped up a batch just for me. (Don’t worry I shared some with her) Oh man. They were so good.

Crunchy but still doughy in the center. And they were made out of the perfect marriage: peanut butter and chocolate. Is there really any better combination? (I say that mint and chocolate are a close second, but many don’t agree).

Add a mug full of cold skim milk and we’ve got ourselves a pretty awesome birthday present.

BUT WAIT. A birthday isn’t complete with out some tasty libations. Say hello to fresh peach margaritas! (They say hello to you too…depending on how many you have.)

This is just a quick teaser of these beauties. Check back in a day or two and get the full dets about how to make these tasty margaritas.

And for future birthday bites (more likely every other day besides birthday bites), my once again fabulous sister got me this cook book.

I’m dying to try the quinoa-stuffed poblano peppers with tomatillo sauce…yum. But that is for a day when calories do count because I wasn’t about to waste the birthday magic on anything that does not contain serious amounts of chocolate, sugar or cream sauce (yes I really splurged and got my all time guilty pleasure – pasta con broccoli – for dinner from my favorite Italian restaurant).  But alas, the day is over and to compensate I think I will only eat vegetables for the next week.

But wait…there are more cake pops in the fridge…Houston we have a problem.


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