Blues City Deli

 {A St. Louis favorite}

After working at ALIVE for the past couple of months (today is my last day! Ah!), I finally made my way down the street to one of St. Louis’ best delis after work the other day. Blues City Deli, at the corner of McNair and Victor, is consistently voted Best Deli each year by local publications. And just a hop skip and a jump from the office I knew it was time to give it a try. The menu had so many great looking sandwiches, but I opted to go for the one named after the area. The Benton Park Po’Boy. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a good Po’Boy.

{perfect, that’s exactly what I was looking for}

While waiting for my sandwich I took a quick peak around the Benton Park staple. The walls are lined to the ceiling with posters, signs and memorabilia. And the customers were all smiles as they took big bites into their sandwiches of choice.

I got my sandwich to go but couldn’t help but take a quick bite before driving the 20 minutes home. Wow was that a good sneak preview. I couldn’t drive fast enough to finish it off. Stuffed to the brim with oven roasted turkey, top round roast beef, smoked ham, provel cheese (it’s not a St. Louis original without it), lettuce, pickle, onion and peppercinis. And the sauce, wow, a mayonnaise-y sweet red pepper sauce that was definitely more spicy than sweet. And to make it even better, (and maybe a little healthier?) a crunchy but soft wheat baguette.

All and all it was the perfect lunch after a long day of work, and I can see why the line is always winding out the door during the busy lunch hour.

I would go back today for lunch on my last of work day, but I think out of celebration for my birthday I’ll opt for a sweet treat from Bittersweet Bakery…hey, when it’s your birthday, calories don’t count! (Even if it’s the day before…) Heck my birthdays last a full week, sometimes more. So be prepared for multiple birthday posts!


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