When it comes to breakfast, I have a very love hate relationship with it (not quite sure how it feels about me…). First of all, I’m really never that hungry in the morning and secondly I don’t reeeaallly like eggs. To be honest most of the things I want to eat for breakfast generally contain the total amount of calories I should consume in a day (brioche french toast dosed in syrup? PLUS a side of breakfast potatoes? Yes please!) But if we’re talking brunch, well than that’s a whole other story. First off brunch is two meals in one so I don’t feel quite as guilty. Plus there’s just something about a good Sunday morning brunch that always makes me happy. Whether it’s because it usually consists of a long gossip session about the night before or simply that it is one of those times where it is absolutely ok to sit and relax over a big ole’ cappuccino (or mimosa!) without having to think about the giant to-do list hiding in my purse.

My younger sister came in town this weekend and we spent the morning at Rooster, catching up and eating some delicious food. Nestled in downtown St. Louis on Locust, the place was packed! But we were fine with the 40 minute wait when we caught a glimpse at the crepes and omelets on other people’s tables.

The restaurant itself looked a bit disorganized  but the walls were painted a cute rusted orange color and had child-like drawings of roosters on them. The tables were all accented with fresh flowers in mason jars. A very nice touch that I want to replicate in my apartment this semester.

The food was definitely worth the wait (and unfortunately the semi-poor service). With so many different choices it was difficult to choose one (a reason to come back!) I was really craving a crepe so I got the thin fluffy pancake filled with goat cheese, red onion, chicken and a lovely sprinkling of chopped fresh basil on top. It also had some dollops of delicious sauce on the plate. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, a sort of chipotle-y cream sauce. So good. My sister kept stealing forkfuls and adding it to her scramble (can’t decide if I minded her stealing my sauce or my clothes more…)

 {oh baby…so scrumptious}

Luckily she shared some of hers with me. A scramble of eggs, breakfast potatoes (which we also got an additional side of…told you breakfast wasn’t nice to my figure), black beans, salsa, cheddar, red onions and spinach. Not only did it taste great but it looked the part. Everything was layered into a pretty little stack.

   {a stack of scrambley goodness}

Overall it was a great meal and I can’t wait to come back and try one of their many mimosa and bloody mary options! Maybe the alcohol will subdue the guilt when I go for one of the sweet crepes…like the Bailey’s and Coffee crepe – a chocolate crepe doused in Kahlua and topped with Bailey’s ice cream. Oh man…


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