Happy Thoughts

One of favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, does this adorable section called Five Things in which she posts five things that are making her happy. I love this idea because usually I’m just rambling to people what I’m obsessing over at the moment. And I can admit that I’m a fickle person and my favorite things are constantly changing (as I am always mocked by friends when ever I exclaim that I’m something new is my absolute favorite thing). So here we go…my first Happy Thoughts section in which I’ll post the random things that are making my life a little brighter.

A vintage turquoise and silver bracelet that I “borrowed” from my mom years ago. She picked it up on one of her many adventures in the 70s and recently I’ve been pairing it with everything from my new pink pants (see below), to a crisp white dress. It’s the perfect go-to accessory of the summer.

I am currently loving all the fresh summer produce and recently I discovered how simple (and delicious!) roasted vegetables can be. Chop ’em up, spray ’em with a bit of cooking spray, and then bake for 20 minutes, turning once. So simple and so yummy, I’ve been making it several times a week!


 Colored jeans have been big this spring and summer and I’ve been dying to try the look but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. I went with my mom to a friend’s house who was hosting a clothing sale from the like CAbi. Most of the stuff was a little older in style, but these pink, marble pants popped out on the rack and after trying them on, I was in love. They fit like that perfect, dream pair of jeans you’re always searching for and the sublte white marbling gives them a cool textured look. And you can tell from the look-book (Source: CAbi Canary) that they go with pretty much anything! I love them with a white top and some colorful jewelry, like my turquoise cuff or bright yellow necklace.


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