Bittersweet Bakery

I knew there’d be trouble when the email regarding my first day of my internship included information on how to enter the office: enter through the bakery and then walk up stairs to the second floor.

The first day I pulled open the door of Bittersweet Bakery and was flooded with the smells of pastries, fresh baked bagels and the sugary sweet smell of icing. I walked the 20 feet through the bakery, passing the chocolate filled doughy deliciousness and walked upstairs. I wasn’t about to explain my tardiness because I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth. But three weeks into the internship and I have continued to resist the yummy goodness wafting up from downstairs. Now I really can’t act like my self-control is impeccable because in reality I usually begin craving it around 2:00, when my energy starts to drop and my lunch is no longer holding me over, and by then Bittersweet Bakery is unfortuantly (actually very fortunatly) closed.

But today I was running late and had no time to pack a lunch so I ventured downstairs around lunch time in the hopes of finding something that would satisfy but not sail me into calorie overload. Lucky for me they have a delicious sandwich menu in addition to their fabulous looking sweets. I got a very sensible turkey sandwich which to my delight is baked on fresh wheat bread and served with freshly made potato chips (which were perfectly crispy and salty, everything you want in a chip!). Now you ask, did I cave and get a pastry? Yes and no. As I gazed longingly at the puffy chocolate pastry and the perfectly iced peanut butter creme pie, I noticed a small bowl with adorable hand writing telling me “Free Sample – Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant.” It was the perfect bite to satisfy my sweet tooth without sending me into regret overload.

And with a couple a quick snapshots, I can plan accordingly for another day when I splurge and go for one of the mini-pies or dense chocolate heaven of a brownie!,


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