Bittersweet Bakery

I knew there’d be trouble when the email regarding my first day of my internship included information on how to enter the office: enter through the bakery and then walk up stairs to the second floor.

The first day I pulled open the door of Bittersweet Bakery and was flooded with the smells of pastries, fresh baked bagels and the sugary sweet smell of icing. I walked the 20 feet through the bakery, passing the chocolate filled doughy deliciousness and walked upstairs. I wasn’t about to explain my tardiness because I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth. But three weeks into the internship and I have continued to resist the yummy goodness wafting up from downstairs. Now I really can’t act like my self-control is impeccable because in reality I usually begin craving it around 2:00, when my energy starts to drop and my lunch is no longer holding me over, and by then Bittersweet Bakery is unfortuantly (actually very fortunatly) closed.

But today I was running late and had no time to pack a lunch so I ventured downstairs around lunch time in the hopes of finding something that would satisfy but not sail me into calorie overload. Lucky for me they have a delicious sandwich menu in addition to their fabulous looking sweets. I got a very sensible turkey sandwich which to my delight is baked on fresh wheat bread and served with freshly made potato chips (which were perfectly crispy and salty, everything you want in a chip!). Now you ask, did I cave and get a pastry? Yes and no. As I gazed longingly at the puffy chocolate pastry and the perfectly iced peanut butter creme pie, I noticed a small bowl with adorable hand writing telling me “Free Sample – Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant.” It was the perfect bite to satisfy my sweet tooth without sending me into regret overload.

And with a couple a quick snapshots, I can plan accordingly for another day when I splurge and go for one of the mini-pies or dense chocolate heaven of a brownie!,


Full of Pride

Over the weekend, cities across the country celebrated Pride Fest. Here in St. Louis the festivities kicked off Friday evening and continued on through the weekend with parties, parades and lots of PRIDE. Saturday night was the ultimate White Party at Erny’s 32 in Tower Grove. ULTRA was hosted by ALIVE Magazine (where I intern) and Erny’s 32. Even torrential downpour couldn’t keep the crowds off the dance floor as they danced the night away to beats from DJ Jimmy No Show, DJ Scotty

The incredibly acrobatic burlesque dancers!

Mac and DJ Sinamin. And party goers barely noticed the tornado strength winds that were practically blowing the tent over because they were too engrossed in the fabulous burlesque performance. ULTRA was my first event that I’ve worked for ALIVE and it was a great experience. From meeting A.J. Thouvenot, a local designer who debuted on Season 8 of Project Runway to hanging out with some of the dancers at the event (one of which performed with Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball Tour!) the event was a great success and an awesome way to spend Saturday night of Pride Fest.

Thouvenot may be a local celebrity but he was super sweet and down to earth!

And with the news from the night before of the legalization of gay marriage in the state of New York, the party was bursting with even more pride! And if you want to experience the night for yourself, check out the video I shot of the festivities at ALIVE’s newest blog, ALIVE Around Town!, Alexis

Checking it twice

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to get out of St. Louis (hence going all the way to California for college) but now that I’m older I’ve learned that St. Louis is a great city filled with delicious restaurants, fun bars and an array of cultural activities (that are mostly free!) So this summer I have compiled a hefty to-do-list of places to eat, drink and enjoy the St. Louis weather (when it’s not storming and/or pushing 100+ degrees outside).

Here’s just a peak at some of things I want to check out and check off my list…

  • Go to a drive in movie
  • Take (free!) salsa lessons at Club Viva
  • Try my hand at a driving range
  • Brunch at Rooster
  • Make a summer inspired cocktail
  • Grab a glass of wine and a nibble at the new Home Wine Kitchen in Maplewood
  • Try one of the multisensory inspired dishes at the newly opened Salt
  • Swing at the bar at Boogaloo
  • Cook lobster
  • Head to happy hour at Mosaic for half priced drinks and tasty tapas
  • Catch a classic film (like Breakfast at Tiffany’s) under the stars at the St. Louis Art Museum

The list is a work in progress and as I discover more places and hear about exciting events, I will continue to add to it.

My partner in conquering this list is my sister Brittni. We both love an adventure and are ready to head out into our home city and explore it like we never have before. So tonight we can officially check off one item. After work, we headed down to Washington Avenue to Mosaic to grab some a drink and a quick bite. We sat down and to our delight discovered they had fresh fruit mojitos (for only $4!). We both ordered strawberry and after being informed by our waiter that it would take five minutes or so because they were being freshly muddled, we replied with a smile that that would be perfectly acceptable.

They came out looking like summer in a glass with bright red strawberries and springs of mint. And they tasted as good as they looked! To eat we went with the ahi tartar, truffle frites and fried artichoke hearts. We could have ordered another 10 things from the menu but as tapas fans we knew that they always are bigger than you expect.

First came the ahi tartar which was bright and fresh with crispy wontons and swipe of spicy wasabi paste.

Couldn't wait to dig in!

It was one of the best plates of tuna I’ve ever had. Almost two hours later and I can still taste the spiciness of it in my mouth. Next were the truffle frites, which were more chips than fries but the white truffle oil, parsley and parmesan had such an incredible earthy and aromatic flavor I couldn’t have cared less what shape they were in. And finally the fried artichokes which came with a spicy chili sauce and a chipotle aioli. They were perfectly crispy but there wasn’t any extra oomph factor.

Crispy, truffley goodness!

But overall it was an incredible meal (and as we suspected the perfect amount, only a few truffle frites were left behind) and one that I would be willing to check off my list for a second time.

With one down and many more to go, it will surely be fun-filled summer!

The begining.

Well here it goes…my foray into the blogging sphere. I never was a big follower of blogs nor did I have much interest in having my own. However ever since I started avidly using Twitter (follow me here 🙂 there are times when I feel that 140 characters are simply not enough to convey my thoughts. Plus I’ve recently found several blogs that I love. So I figured I might as well give it a go. For me this blog will be a place where I can expand on and share the little things that make me happy.

Those things include eating, writing and discovering things that strike my passion and make life interesting. This blog will be a hodgepodge of pretty much anything that I’m loving that day. Whether it be a new recipe to try, a bar I’ve just read about or an interesting story I believe needs further discussion, I hope that this can be a place to hold it all.,